How do you say in a sentence what you do?

I design products and services with impact and scale from government, a fairer and more secure internet to reinventing email. I do so through interface, interaction, strategy and service design as well as research.

What do you call yourself exactly?

I go by many titles: interaction designer, service designer, user researcher, consultant, information designer, product strategy consultant, writer, presenter, advisor and overall nice guy. All of these in one way or another means I design, but by many means, to find creative solutions to problems.

But which is your specialty?

I design. Sometimes that’s an interface. Sometimes it’s lots of them that connect and interact in different ways. Sometimes it’s extensive maps and documentation. At other times it’s investigating how and were a technical solutions sits and how to help make it impactful on a macro level. It’s all design.

Many times that means developing the strategy of a product or service, because that is helping find out what to design and more importantly, what not to.

You have quite a broad experience. How does that help me?

Designers with depth and range have the advantage of being able to see problems and solutions from many angles and experiences. Problems are never simple, so how we look at and try to solve them shouldn’t be either.

Design is and should be a very broad practice, calling upon all the ways we can think of and use to solve our world’s problems. Sometimes a well written sentence can do the job of an entire application. Sometimes a well placed conversation can change some policy which can do more for positive change than any amount of software design. It’s all design.