Overview & Challenge

Yleos is a startup and product that is focused on recording, annotating and analysing interviews. While there are many interview and user research focused tools, none focus on producing structured and reusable data which interviewers and researchers can easily and quickly action.

Yleos was interested in reexamining their current product and addressing concerns about how to deal with unresolved issues on the roadmap, namely how to handle transcripts and how to integrate video playback which was not yet in any interface they had. They were also interested in opportunties with using Machine Learning (ML) and AI to meet user needs with interveiwing, namely analysis and gathering findings, sentiment analysis and transcriptions clean-up.

Role & Approach

My role on Yleos was to design a user interface that addresses and distills leadership’s needs and balances them with user feedback while pointing to new product possibilities.


The Yleos service is multi-modal and multi-faceted. Ideally there are two people in the session, the notetaker and the interviewer. Once recording, the interviewer’s job is to focus on the facilitating the interview. During recording, the interviewer can add bookmarks to points in the interview to come back later and comment. Meanwhile, the note taker marks the timeline of the recording with questions from discussion guide format which during transcription structures the interview. The actual recording could be done with the Yleos mobile app, which any external users, such as the note taker can see and interact with synchronously. Otherwise, the audio and/or video recording can be uploaded later to be synced with the notes and discussion guide structure.

Interview support and note taking

Review and analysis